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o Answer verification question
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• If you are not registered please see the “How to Register” above
• If you are registered, log in and click the black “Submit a Question” box in the upper right hand side of the page

• Title your question
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• In the Q&A Topic select “National Disability Coalition” from the drop down
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o You must register and be logged in to comment on a question o Under the orange Active Campaigns section on the right hand side, click the down arrow to select the campaign you would like to comment (Winter 2015 is the latest campaign) o To see the recent topic questions click “Recent” to see all of the questions o Click the orange “Add your comment” to comment on that question o Type your comment in the comments section, click the gray “Submit Comment” button o Additional comments may be made on the same question

Agree/Disagree for Questions

o You must register and be logged in to Agree/Disagree on a question o To Agree with a question, click the up arrow next to the question o To Disagree with a question, click the down arrow to the question