Compassionate Allowances and Rare Diseases

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Tuesday, November 7, 2017

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“Compassionate Allowances and Rare Diseases”


SSA established the Compassionate Allowances (CAL) initiative to quickly identify and prioritize medical conditions that invariably qualify for disability under our rules. The CAL initiative helps us deliver our services by making benefit decisions within days to eligible individuals with the most serious disabilities. Since CAL began in 2008, we have approved more than 500,000 claims through the CAL process. We currently have 228 CAL conditions.

When the CAL initiative launched, we needed stakeholder assistance in sorting through the universe of impairments that could possibly qualify for disability. Now, after identifying over 200 conditions, we continue to strive to identify additional conditions.

Please see the issues below for comment

Question Area 1


List of Current CAL Conditions

Question 1

Are there any conditions that SSA should consider as a CAL condition?

Question Area 2


Currently we utilize the Compassionate Allowances website to provide information to the public about this initiative.

Question 2

What additional information might be helpful to include on the website to help the reader better understand the CAL initiative?

Question Area 3


The Compassionate Allowances website provides information on how to submit a potential CAL condition for consideration. SSA provides an example of the type of information to submit, along with your suggestion, as well as the steps SSA takes when considering the potential condition.

Question 3

Do you have any recommendations of additional information that would be useful to SSA when evaluating a potential CAL condition?