Congenital Disorders that Affect Multiple Body Systems

Congenital Disorders that Affect Multiple Body Systems

Background Information

The Social Security Administration (SSA) updated the medical listings for Congenital Disorders That Affect Multiple Body Systems in February 2013.

You may review the current listings for adults at:;. and for children at:

SSA updates the medical listings on an ongoing basis, considering information from various sources including medical experts, advocates, adjudicators, and people with impairments. As part of our continuing efforts to ensure the medical listings and related medical policy remain current, we would like your feedback.

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Question Area 1

Background - In 110.00 D. and 110.00 E., we provide guidance on disorders we may consider under listing 110.08 A. Catastrophic Congenital Disorder. We explain that we generally need a report of the definitive test that documents the disorder or evidence from a physician that demonstrates the characteristic physical features of the disorder.

Question - Disorders we evaluate under listing 110.08 A, Catastrophic Congenital Disorder, are usually expected to result in early death. What kind of guidance should we provide to our adjudicators for evaluating these disorders?

Question Area 2

Background - We evaluate a wide variety of congenital disorders under the listings in 10.00 and 110.00. Many of these disorders are part of a recognized wider class of disorders. For example, there are numerous congenital disorders that disrupt the body’s normal metabolic processes, and are thus broadly categorized as inborn metabolic syndromes or inborn errors of metabolism.

Question - In these listings, which clinical distinctions, if any, between disease types (for example, congenital anomalies or inborn metabolic syndromes) would be useful to provide to our adjudicators?


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