Hearing Loss

Suggestions regarding changes

1. 2.10B1a,c & 102.10B1a,c: Request additional wording to specify that there must be otological exam findings comments by the Audiologist before performing the actual audiological retesting.

2. 2.10 & 102.10: Request reconsideration about the use of aided testing for evaluation under 2.10 & 102.10 to better establish Claimant’s best functioning.

3. 102.10B1: Suggest changing this listing to requirements that are the same as adult listing 2.10A, especially for the older children (i.e. change the average air conduction to greater or equal to 90dBs & average bone conduction levels to greater or equal to 60dBs).

4. 2.11B & 102.11B: Suggest the same wording for Word Recognition percentage requirements for these 2 post-cochlear implant listings as for the pre-implant listings 2.10B & 102.10B sections (i.e. less than or equal to 40% for both pre- & post-implant requirements).


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