Reasonable Accommodations

SSA: Test for severity of impairment and functioning

The humanistic approach to disability policy and benefit supports is for SSA to test for the severity of an impairment and its consequent change in functioning and the performance of activities of daily living, and award benefits and supports from that assessment that lead to productivity and full inclusion.

The SSAB 2006 forward, the NCD in 2015, and the GAO all call for new approaches to Social Security Disability Programming .... not tweaking and nibbling around the edges of current law and practice. The radical unevenness of reasonable accommodations in today's workforce will not lead SSA to policies that support the roles their programs should be playing to shorten the time and the distance between Americans with disabilities and our productive careers.

Applications on these themes can be read in the attached Statement to Congress from NCIL and its partners the World Institute on Disability and PolicyWorks.


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