Evaluation of Posttraumatic Stress Disorder

PTSD inquiry

I think its important to know that PTSD does not come with a medication to treat it. Nonetheless, front line professionals that work in mental health clinics still try to find medication and continue to misdiagnose disorders like bipolar disorder or borderline personality disorder when the trauma and effects of trauma are the real problem. Moreover, dissociative disorders often com with PTSD, particularly with early childhood repetitive trauma, and those disorders are very difficult to diagnose unless there are substantial in-patient hospitalizations. Unfortunately, those hospitalizations are not covered by managed care (usually need a suicidal or homicidal patient to be hospitalized). Thus, adjudicators should be looking for signs and symptoms of memory loss and withdrawal from activities to gauge the severity of PTSD. Early repetitive trauma (typically sexual trauma) can be the most difficult to overcome and often times the symptomology increases when a victims children become the age that the victim suffered his or her horrors.


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