Reasonable Accommodations

No accommodations universally available

I concur with all of the ideas posted by the Consortium for Citizens With Disabilities (CCD), and add the following. SSA should consider this question differently. The important question is whether there are any reasonable workplace accommodations that are universally available to people with disabilities. The answer is no, given the employer’s legal right to choose amongst possible accommodations. That is a different and more relevant question than whether employers universally provide a particular accommodation. It would be unjust if disability claims were denied on the basis of particular disability accommodations which no employer would have a legal obligation to offer.


I also agree with CCD's point that the disability accommodation process is highly individualized on both the employer and employee side, requiring case by case analysis. Proper development of such evidence is prohibitively time consuming and expensive in the context of Social Security Disability claims. Consider, for example, that ADA reasonable accommodation trials typically last far longer than the usual Social Security Disability hearing on the reasonable accommodation issue alone.


In conclusion, incorporating reasonable accommodation issues into the disability determination process would be impractical, expensive, and likely result in unjust results and expanded backlogs.


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