Evaluation of Posttraumatic Stress Disorder

My Responses To The PTSD Inqueries

YOU: 1. How should we consider evidence about a claimant’s behavior and functioning from non-professional sources, such as parents or friends?


ME: Now at days all smart phones come with video recorders, as such videoed evidence can be really strong proof. A second way is to require Hospital admission/discharge papers indicating the number of times a client has had to have been hospitalized for the same condition/symptoms. Bringing in a medication list is another idea


YOU: 2. What lesser-known symptoms of PTSD might be helpful for adjudicators to know about, and what professional sources support this information?


ME: Showing a flat or angry affect. Among men, PTSD Symptoms can present differently. Violent behaviors can occur out of fear and the need for self-preservation. The DSM V


YOU: 3. What indicators can be used to rule out PTSD as an impairment, and what professional sources support this information?


ME: Flashbacks can be mistaken for hallucinations, and fear itself may be mistakenly viewed as paranoid ideation. One of the best ways to rule out PTSD to get a history on the client; war, rape, natural disasters all can have an impact.


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