Hearing Loss

Medical Consultant

In my opinion, it is still appropriate to consider pre lingually deafened children who receive an implant disabled automatically until age 5.


The HINT is an obsolete test that is no longer used by most inplant centers and is no longer available to be purchased by our CE providers. Most centers in the SE are using the AZ BIO . Survey of top CI centers should be made to determine which test should be used and is easily available for our providers to get. That being said I am unsure why a standard 50 word open set test would not be appropriate with the 40% or less meeting just as in someone without an implant. We are holding the two groups (those with cochlear implants and those without) to different standards in my opinion.


In all cases the better ear should be assessed. If the ear with the CI performs above listing level and the unimplanted ear performs below listing level, the CI ear should be the one used for determination of disability. If the CI ear meets the listing, but the un implanted ear does not, the unimplanted ear should be assessed. This is important as more and more centers are implanting one ear when the other is normal or above listing level severity.


It is not clear to me in many cases, what to do with individuals who have been implanted, but do not use their processors successfully or have processors that are broken


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