Mean deviation as a visual field criterion for disability

Recent changes in disability determination allow for the use of mean deviation from static computerized visual fields as a means of determining disability under 2.03B and 2.04B. This is convenient, as it is a single number readily available from the visual field printout.


I'm recommending this be reconsidered, in light of the fact that mean deviation is an age-dependent calculation, and is therefore discriminatory by age. I have done visual fields testing on patients in their late 50s, then gone back and changed the date of birth of the patient to make their age 18, and reprinted the visual field. Differences of between 2 and 3 dB can be seen. This is not a huge change, but enough to make a difference in some cases. It is quite possible to have an 18 year old person qualify for SSA disability and a 64 year old person not qualify, even though their vision was exactly the same.


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