Endocrine Disorders

Islet Cell Transplantation

It would appear appropriate to evaluate Islet Cell Transplantation under T-II & T-XVI eligibility in a manner similar to the current criteria for assessing Stem Cell & Bone Marrow Transplants: i.e. 12 months of eligibility from the date of the initial transplantation. After the end of that 12 months, the residuals would be evaluated, including any ongoing complications and side effects of immune suppression medications.


Patients may require 1, 2 or even 3 Islet Cell infusions spaced out over time depending on the results of the initial infusions. The greatest period of serious complications will be in that first 12 months, including thrombosis of the major infusion vessel, rejection of the transplanted cells, and variations in response to the transplant. These individuals also require frequent medical follow-up for 12 months post-transplant, especially during the first 6+ months.


Additional information should also be obtained from the major centers performing these transplants and given consideration in both eligibility and the duration period allowed.


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