National Disability Coalition (Winter 2015)

Healing and Hope

A non-profit, private/public or government solution to enable disabled households some type of financial relief to help pay for their dependents school needs (school pictures, graduation dues, books, school supplies, haircuts, gas money (for vehicle to transport the dependent if family has vehicle already), hygiene needs, sports gear for high school/college, etc.) Financially stressed and disabled households are suffering nationally while waiting for help and support through SSA determinations taking over a year per application most times. These folks do not always have alternatives for their utilities and daily necessities to be refurbished and maintained. Not every state or county has public transportation, if you are disabled and waiting for a decision with no income, that means you don't have a dollar for bus fare, you don't have any funds to pay gas for someone to take you to appoinments, your child cannot get a ride to afterschool activities that could lead to a productive teenage social life and team work skills.


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