National Disability Coalition (Winter 2015)

Dedicated Accounts

I understand that when a disabled child is awarded a large amount (6mo.+) it must go into a dedicated account. That is only to be used for medical or educational. And you must get permission from SSA before the funds are used and must submit proof of purchase. I get that.


But it is not fair to still force the same rules for the dedicated account, once the child become 18 and is deemed an adult disabled child.


The website says that those rules only apply for children under 18.


Why does the SSA office insist that the rules apply even after 18?


The rules and paperwork/process is such a pain, that it makes it very hard to purchase anything, without it taking days or weeks to get approval. Meanwhile the disabled adutl child goes without the needed item.


I understand this is a safety measure, but after the disabled child is 18 and is deemed an adult disabled child, how does this rule help them?


After 18, the rule regarding Dedicated accounts should not apply.


It should not take 3wks to a month to get permission to purchase glasses, computer, or any other item needed for the adult disabled child.


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