Evaluation of Posttraumatic Stress Disorder

Children with ODD

Following up on comments offered by Kevin Liebkemann and Emilia Sicilia, many children diagnosed with Oppositional Defiant Order have underlying trauma. Since ODD has been removed from the new Children Mental Impairment Listings at 112.08, it is very important that adjudicators not write off children with ODD diagnoses but explore for trauma issues. Guidance similar to that in SSR 09-2p, which requires adjudicators to explore impairments that may have not been diagnosed, should be incorporated. See SSR 09-2p:

"Also, a child who is having significant but unexplained problems may have an impairment(s) that has not yet been diagnosed, or may have a diagnosed impairment(s) for which we lack evidence. For example, children who are many grades behind in school often have a medically determinable impairment(s). In many cases, the school will have evaluated the child, and the school records will provide information about whether there is a medically determinable impairment(s).[11] It may be necessary to further develop information from the child’s medical source(s) or purchase a consultative examination (CE). Adjudicators should pursue indications that an impairment(s) may be present if that fact may be material to the determination or decision."


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