National Disability Coalition (Winter 2015)

Autism for adults/adult disabled children

I think people/adult disabled children with autism should not have to be redetermined over and over. If it was proven as a child and then again at 18. That should be enough proof for life.


Autism is in the brain, the brain does not change. No one has ever stopped being autistic. As the autistic person ages, the disability does not improve. They require more care and more assistance as they age.


I think if they have proven that they are disabled, they should not have to be subjected to repeated reviews.


If they also receive services from IRC and In Home Supported Services, that is proof that their autism is significant and disabling, thus should exempt them from annual reviews and disability reviews and redeterminations.


Also I think that the medical records and service records should be enough proof for Social Security.


Caring for an adult disabled child with autism, is hard enough, and the fact that SSA requires so much paperwork and so many forms and reviews is overwhelming, the disabled autistic person most likely can not handle any of their paperwork and it is left up to their care giver or parent. SSA needs to remember that and take that into account.


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