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National SSA Disability Coalition Discussion Board

Welcome to the National SSA Disability Coalition Discussion Board – A Place to Discuss Ideas to Enhance the SSA Disability Program

Keep the Dialogue Going!

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On behalf of the Office of Disability Policy, we want to thank everyone who provided comments through the IdeaScale campaign started on July 15 and those of you who were able to participate in the first National Disability Coalition meeting held by phone and in person at the International Trade Commission building on Wednesday, September 24th. You can find information from both of these activities on the Archived Q&A topics on this page, as well as on the National Disability Campaign webpage at:

Now is the time to provide us with any remaining thoughts on this first topic of the engagement. This exchange will be open for two-weeks. Once we close this discussion, we will be starting another discussion, so check back regularly!

We welcome your comments regarding:

• how we can tap into the knowledge of the stakeholder community to stay current with changes in medicine, technology, and the world of work;

• factors and methods for considering an adult’s ability to function in work settings; and

• how we can enhance the medical evidence available for disability decisions.

We encourage you to post a comment, comment on another posting, and to use the voting function. All of the input we received during the IdeaScale period leading up to the meeting, the valued input during the meeting, and the comments you provide us now will help us create responsive policy.

Keep the feedback coming and the dialogue going! Together, we can improve the lives of individuals with a disability.

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